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Who We Serve

SBIM serves vulnerable children and their families, who face a wide variety of challenges on a daily basis.

Many lack space to call their own, with over half living in single family dwellings that house multiple family groups or non-relatives. The majority do not have the ability or financial opportunity to enroll in afterschool programs or extracurricular activities. Children often care for siblings or younger relatives in the absence of a parent or guardian.

Who We Are

SBIM is primarily a volunteer-run, dedicated group of volunteers who truly care and believe that together we have the power to change lives.

SBIM was founded in 2018 by a school counselor and a group of teachers and social workers in Herndon, Virginia. These professionals recognized an urgent and growing need to provide support to young girls in the community, many of whom were suffering as a result of poverty and trauma. Through the years, we have realized there is a deeper need to help the girls’ whole family unit within the community.

board of She Believes in Me

Leadership Team

photo of Renee Gorman

Renee Gorman
Founder and President

As a mother of three daughters, helping girls feel confident and have a healthy self-esteem has been Renee’s job for the last 25 years. As a School Counselor for 20+ years, Renee has been an advocate for children and is fueled by a passion to help children feel socially and emotionally strong. Prior to founding She Believes in Me, Renee worked with non-profit Code 3 Association to forge positive relationships between the police department and local at-risk communities. The success of this program was  featured in the Washington Post and Associated Press and helped inspire her to go further to address the emotional needs of young girls in the community she witnessed daily through her work as a school counselor. Renee is a true believer in establishing a support system for young girls to help them become confident and strong community members. Helping to empower girls to live strong lives for a successful future is the reason Renee started She Believes in Me.

photo of Teri Taylor

Teri Taylor
Executive Director

Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world, she left it to focus on motherhood and a second career using her interpersonal and organizational skills to support those in need. She has a 20-year track record as an active, dedicated, and consistent volunteer for various organizations. Teri’s childhood family was exposed to too much, too young. It took a village to empower Teri’s family from their challenges, showing her that community support can make all the difference in a child’s life story, as it did with her. She is keenly aware that a child whose emotional and psychological needs are nurtured is more likely to have academic and social success. Teri is deeply passionate about She Believes in Me and the children and families they serve. She understands that even a smile can change a child’s day, and a warm blanket can feel like a hug for someone in need.

Photo of Meg Dombro

Meg Dombro
Director, Events and Curriculum

A mother of two, Meg grew up in Northern Virginia and is committed to using her 20 years of educational experience to inspire a better future for all kids in our community. In the beginning of her career, Meg developed theater experiences for young people helping them to express their emotions in healthy outlets. Meg chose UCLA for her first master’s program in education because it emphasized ensuring equity and inclusion for children of all backgrounds and skill levels. After graduating, she developed educational curriculum and taught in Los Angeles Title 1 schools that had large English Language Learner populations. Returning to Herndon, Meg continued her career in the Fairfax County School System and received a second master’s degree in education administration and supervision from UVA. Her educational work now focuses on coaching teachers in innovative and culturally responsive methods to ensure that all students have positive learning experiences and thrive. Meg is enthusiastic about creating She Believes in Me events and curriculum that are fun and foster social emotional growth.

photo of Kathleen Arace

Kathleen Arace
Business Operations Manager

After 35 years in the workforce, Kathleen retired in 2020 as a systems engineer from The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit systems engineering firm. Working for a not-for-profit corporation, supporting the federal government, Kathleen is keenly aware of earning public trust, the scarcity of resources to accomplish what you want, and the need for efficiency and effectiveness. She hopes to apply her skills to help She Believes in Me achieve success in their mission. Kathleen raised her three boys as a single parent and understands the challenges of parenting while working full time. They have since commented that what impacted them the most was having good role models. Seeing others be successful gives one hope and confidence they can be successful, too. This is the power of She Believes in Me, inspiring and giving hope to young girls. Kathleen and her dog Coco, like to travel around the country in her RV appreciating the beauty of the country and its people. They have been to National Parks, beaches, mountains, farms, ranches, vineyards, museums and even a football stadium.

Community Partners

Thank you!

She Believes in Me works with community and corporate sponsors to help fund and / or supply items for our pantry, family liaison program, emotional support items, after school program, camps, and a myriad of other programs and events that support our local community. We often work together to do collection drives, packing events, and fundraising.

She Believes in Me has a strong support system in place with our community and corporate sponsors. We simply couldn't do what we do without their help and we are grateful for these important partnerships. If you would like to discuss how you can become a partner with She Believes in Me, please contact Teri Taylor, Executive Director at teri@shebelievesinme.org.


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How to Become a Community Partner

She Believes in Me is seeking to partner with other organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of young women through fundraising, development, strategic collaboration, events and volunteer engagement.

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