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She Believes in Me is two years old!

Our first event was held in May 2018 and since that time we have:

  • Hosted 7 themed programs that empowered and provided life skills to more than 160 girls in the Herndon community
  • Sponsored a field trip to the Project Hera Music Festival
  • Provided 50+ girls with much needed seasonal clothing free of charge through the generous support of fellow non-profit Women Giving Back
  • Offered connection, care and encouragement through the volunteer participation of more than 80 women and teen girl mentors
  • Served over 8000 people as part of our Covid relief efforts  
  • Launched community outreach and fundraising efforts
  • Delivered over 3500 emotional support activities to children

Produced this awesome video that shares more about who we are and what we do

Looking Ahead

With an increase in fundraising and partnerships, She Believes in Me will expand in the Herndon community where it was founded and support the establishment of chapters in northern Virginia and beyond. Partnerships and collaboration with like-minded groups would also enable us to apply for grants and further engage donors to fund expansion and growth in the interest of increasing the number of girls reached and the quality of programming provided.

Field Trips

Field trip opportunities allow our participants freedom to access and explore their community in a supervised and safe way to work on much-needed social and life skills. In addition, volunteer women and teen girls at our events provide mentoring and establish bonds to build trusting adult relationships and share teachable moments. 

Create Chapters

She Believes in Me seeks to extend our programs to reach girls in surrounding Fairfax and Loudoun counties and beyond by serving as a parent organization providing tools and resources to establish chapters where need exists. Our organization is unique in having a rich, skilled board that has many years of experience working with communities that deal with poverty and trauma. We have successfully delivered impactful programs and participation at our events is on the rise.


We offer a 10-week curriculum and are currently an FCPS Ignite Partner and are working with multiple schools at this time.  We have also recently branched out to Loudoun County and continue to build our community partners.  If you are interested in expanding to your area, please email us for further information.

Community Partners

Thank you!

How to Become a Community Partner

She Believes in Me is seeking to partner with other organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of young women through fundraising, development, strategic collaboration, events and volunteer engagement.

Please fill out the form to connect or call (571) 446-0060.



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